August 4, 2021

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Smicrc updates information on outbreaks on the island | government

The Municipal Case Investigation and Contact Tracing System (Smicrc) published today an update of the data collected on the behavior of the coronavirus (Covid-19) on the Island.

“With this new publication of the infographic, we have moved the start date, to refresh the count of accumulated cases and that the passage of time does not skew the metrics. We see that the continuous commitment of municipalities throughout the island is increasing, and more and more we have municipalities exceeding expectations and investigating their assigned cases within the expected time ”, established the entity.

The report, which covers the period from September 12 to October 11, details that 195 outbreaks of the virus have been identified in 44 municipalities, of which 140 remain under investigation and another 55 have already been closed.

“On a net basis, the report identifies 38 additional outbreaks compared to the previous one,” it was explained.

In addition, it was reported that the region with the highest number of these infection chains is that of Bayamón with 45, followed by Arecibo with 44, the metro zone with 33 and Caguas with 29. Then, it is followed by the regions of Ponce with 21, Mayagüez with 14 and Fajardo with 9.

On the other hand, it was highlighted that, within the five most prevalent symptoms, “fatigue creeps in for the first time, replacing fever. However, we must note the closeness of these in the expanded breakdown, which is validated by the literature that refers to both of these symptoms ”.

“We continue to evaluate the most relevant scenarios to be communicated to the Country on the actions that it should consider to protect itself and its own”, it was concluded.

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