June 15, 2021

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Some 38,000 subscribers without electricity service in the metropolitan area

The PREPA Transmission Director explained that three events caused the breakdown

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San Juan – About 38,000 subscribers are without the service of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA) in several towns in the metropolitan area due to a failure in the Transmission Center in Carolina, reported this morning in a radio interview the Director of Transmission of the AEE, Carlos Alvarado.

“In the Transmission Center of us (PREPA) in Sabana Llana, which is located near Plaza Carolina, apparently there is a fault there. This led to line 37,900, which runs from Sabana Llana to Monacillos, which takes the Conquistador substations, from Encantada (both in Trujillo Alto), also line 3,100, which is the one that runs parallel to Infantry 65, which takes the substations of San Antón, Saint Just, will trip. I have all those substations out of service ”, said Alvarado in a radio interview with Rubén Sánchez on WKAQ 580.

“There was a time when Escorial also, we were able to put Escorial on the side of San Juan here in service and the Sabana Llana substation, which feeds the Plaza Carolina area. We were also able to provide service on the Canóvanas side ”, added PREPA’s Transmission Director, who estimated that more than 38,000 subscribers are without service.

Alvarado explained that three events caused the failure, affecting the transmission in two cables. Repairs can be extended until noon.

He indicated that areas of Trujillo Alto and San Juan are without electricity service.

“The breakdown was reported between Carolina and San Juan, those two areas. We understand that the situation in Sabana Llana, there are already personnel there, verifying ”what caused the failure in the system.

It is still uncertain when the power will return, Alvarado said.

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