April 14, 2021

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Some 66 Puerto Rican soldiers leave to provide security in Honduras

San Juan. More than 60 soldiers from Company 480 of the Military Police of the 92nd Brigade of the Puerto Rico National Guard (GNPR) left the island for Honduras on Monday to provide security at the Enrique Soto Cano Air Base, in the Central American country.

As the Adjutant General of Puerto Rico, Major General José Juan Reyes, explained to Efe, this group of 66 soldiers will relieve another police officer from the Caribbean military corps stationed there a year ago.

The GNPR has carried out security operations at the Soto Cano Base for nearly three decades.

The 66 soldiers chosen because they were unemployed from their jobs traveled on Monday to Fort Bliss, in El Paso (Texas), where they will quarantine 14 days as prevention due to COVID-19, and a week later they will depart for Honduras.

"The Government of Honduras has been expanding the Soto Cano international airport and in this expansion, the perimeter of the base has been secured. which includes the airport, "Reyes explained before dismissing the soldiers at the GMD Terminal, at the Caribbean Airport Center, in Carolina, a municipality near San Juan.

Reyes indicated that between the past seven or eight years, Puerto Rico has had to send the military forces that provide that security support, specifically these military police, whose central base is located at Fort Buchanan, in Guaynabo.

"The Puerto Rico National Guard has been actively involved in security operations. military exchange in the sister country of Honduras, which has been of great benefit to the United States and its collaborative relationship with allied countries in Central and South America ", Reyes highlighted.

Reyes assured that" the soldiers who leave today to this mission has the capacity and commitment to fully and successfully fulfill ".

" Being part of this type of mission provides our soldiers with real experiences in the field while developing skills acquired in the constant training they carry out ", stated Reyes.

" The interesting thing is that everything is carried out in a framework of mutual benefit while we strengthen ties of friendship with the countries of the region, "he added.

In addition. After supporting missions in Honduras, the GNPR has also done the same in the Dominican Republic for almost two decades.

Reyes also said that the GNPR has also participated in other military training exchange missions with Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Colombia .

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