July 24, 2021

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Son calls for justice for the brutal murder of his mother

A woman was found dead yesterday in her apartment in Río Piedras and today it was revealed that she was murdered, according to her son with a heartbreaking message on his social networks.

This is Nilda Álvarez Lugo, a 64-year-old artist and community leader, whose unexpected death and without identified perpetrators still moved many, in particular her son, Omar Crespo, who published an extensive message on his social networks asking for justice for his mom.

Initially, according to his account, he was informed that his mother had died and he thought it was a health failure. However, today, Saturday, she learned that she was murdered inside her apartment located on a 10th floor with access control. “With his face destroyed…. with blood everywhere…. a woman who doesn’t mess with anyone…. that everyone in her building wanted her…. who did activities for the good of all in his community…. without any money in his account or luxuries in his apartment! ”, wrote the young man, who called for justice for his mother and the other women who have been victims of the wave of femicides that has been reported throughout the island .

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