June 14, 2021

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Spain accumulates almost 17,000 deaths from COVID-19 in nursing homes

Madrid – The residences for the elderly or dependent persons accumulate almost 17,000 deaths due to the COVID-19 in Spain according to official data from the regions, an amount that would increase if suspicious but undiagnosed cases were taken into account, which most regional administrations do not compute.

This matter is very controversial in Spain, with bitter reproaches and frequent accusations between the Spanish Executive and some region, such as Madrid, on the political responsibilities of having prevented these deaths and alleged orders so that older, serious people were not transferred to hospitals when they were collapsed.

The central government has not provided a global figure on the deaths in residences, a fact that the regions should report and update weekly according to an instruction issued by the Minister of Health, Salvador Ill a, after detecting that these centers were one of the main sources of transmission of the coronavirus in Spain.

Both the regional authorities and the Prosecutor General's Office began investigations to clarify what happened in these accommodation and care facilities for the elderly.

In total, according to data provided by regional governments and collected by Efe, 16,937 users died in the residences, representing 39% of the 42,542 fatalities in the regions, according to their own information.

This number It is far from the 28,324 deceased collected by official statistics published by the Ministry of Health, which only includes those confirmed by a PCR test.

However, it is close to the excess of deaths detected by the Monitoring System of the daily Mortality (MoMo) in Spain, located in more than 43,000 deaths during the epidemic.

This gap is explained to a great extent by the d Global data from Madrid and Catalonia, which report, adding the suspected cases, 16,093 and 12,517 deaths, respectively, of which could only be confirmed with PCR tests and are part of the official statistics of the Ministry of Health 8,416 and 5,666.

The Ministry of Health yesterday notified a new death from coronavirus in the previous 24 hours, as well as 125 confirmed infections, up to 246,504 cases since the epidemic broke out.

Spain entered this Tuesday on the third day of the call by the Government " new normal ", after just over three months of strong restrictions on population movement and socio-economic activities to curb the contagion, which is very low at the moment.

However, the authorities are still very attentive to some localized outbreak , the large human concentrations during the summer, such as on the beaches, and the gradual reopening of airports and ports, through which thousands of your rists from all over the world and that are points of risk for the possible arrival of infected travelers.

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