May 14, 2021

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Speaker of the Chamber: “we are not going to increase a single penny in contributions”

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Carlos ‘Johnny’ Méndez Núñez, he answered with a resounding “no” to the spokesman for the minority, Rafael ‘Tatito’ Hernández Montañez, on any proposal to increase the contributions of the people.

The legislative leader also reminded the representative of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) that it was he, who as president of the Finance Commission last four years proposed, promoted and approved over 100 new taxes and tax increases to the people.

“Simply this House of Representatives has been clear that we are not going to propose, endorse or approve any tax on the people, no matter where that proposal comes from. The record is there, in almost four years there has not been, not even analyzed, a measure that increases taxes on people. We are not the past administration, or the Chamber of Hernández Montañez; we are a Chamber on the side of the people and we are not going to endorse any increase to the people ”, said the president of the Chamber.

“You have to have some sense of irresponsibility to ask that a tax on the people not be approved when it was precisely he (Hernández Montañez) who raised taxes by over 29 percent to the people of Puerto Rico. It is an impudence to come and play politics with this matter. This action says a lot about who this legislator is and what he does to appear in the press, ”added Méndez Núñez.

“We are not going to increase a single penny in contributions, whatever it is. The Minority Spokesperson and the Popular Democratic Party, who even impose taxes themselves, remembering that they imposed a fee of $ 50.00 on their members for using the facilities of their central committee, the only thing they know is to put their hand in the pocket of the People, that is why they cannot return to public administration, because they will endorse all taxes and tax increases that the Fiscal Supervision Board, or themselves, understand. We are not going to do it. The contrast is clear, with the New Progressive Party no tax will be raised, with the PPD come new tax burdens for Puerto Rican people and small and medium-sized companies, ”concluded the Chamber President.

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