May 15, 2021

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Spend dying moments when watching the rise of a stream in Mayagüez

Surprise and fear took hold this morning of a family of three in the Sendero del Valle urbanization, located in the Río Hondo neighborhood of Mayagüez when the flood of a stream that is right next to from his home overflowed and burst into his street.

Still amazed, Alan Rivera shared with Primera Hora how about 10:00 in the morning he watched in terror as the water had begun to climb threateningly. The man, who captured the impressive flood on video while asking for help, said that since he moved to that urbanization in 2016, he had never seen that body of water overflow. However, he recognized that the episode of rains associated with the passage of tropical storm Isaías has been intense for that area.

“Thank God, the level has just dropped. The ravine returned to its channel and the highway broke free. I am making the decision with my family to move from here to a safer place because I understand that it will continue to rain, "Rivera said in a phone call.

Recapitulating the hours before the flood, Rivera recalled that Between 12 midnight and one in the morning the first drizzles began to be felt. The downpour began to pick up around 5:00 a.m.

“I started to hear the bamboos, which started making sounds in the wind. Also, when the stream brings debris, they hit the bamboos, and that was loud. There I realized that it was raining torrentially, "Rivera declared.

In this scenario, the man went out to look at the ravine to make sure everything was under control. A short time later, what he never thought happened. “What I present in the video was something sudden. The ravine leaves and in several minutes it had reached my house, "he said.

In the video, broadcast by Facebook and shared by some 1,400 users, Rivera is heard saying the following:" If he is Seeing this, please, we need help. I am from Río Hondo, Senderos del Valle urbanization. The river continues to flow, we are almost climbing in the cars. Please help". In fact, one of the shots shows the 11-year-old son of the man sitting on the hood of a car and his wife.

The structural engineer added that other residents of the urbanization, in which he estimated there are about 25 houses also suffered with the flood. “Up to six inches of water was put into my house. The highway turned into a river, "he stipulated.

" Although it continued to rise (the water), it did not rise beyond the fact that it had to make the decision to climb to the roof, "he pointed out.

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