April 22, 2021

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Spending in the Senate referendum on pensions

The Senate this afternoon approved two measures proposed by the Fort in order to hold a referendum to raise the pensions of public servants to a constitutional level.

The referendum would take place on Tuesday, November 3, the day of general elections. for the electorate to express whether or not they agree to the amendment of the Constitution to that end.

One of the measures, Concurrent Resolution 101, for entailing an amendment to the Constitution of Puerto Rico required the endorsement of at least three quarters of the senatorial corps and needed 22 votes. It passed with 23 votes in favor and three against.

The resolution also expresses the Legislative Assembly's rejection of the proposal of the Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF) to include cuts to retirees' pensions in its adjustment plan. prosecutors. Also approved, with the same vote, was Project 1660, which made it possible to hold the consultation of the people.

Popular senator Miguel Pereira took a turn to announce his vote against. "I am not against the retirees, I would like to vote in favor of this, but I cannot because I have always been against deception," said Pereira, referring to the annexationist sectors that question the existence of the Constitution of the Commonwealth (ELA) ), as a result of the Sánchez Valle case resolved in the Supreme Court of the United States.

“It is a deception to the most vulnerable people, to those who gave us the ability to be what we are, I do not want to participate in what is a hoax, voting for this is contributing to that hoax, "said the popular senator.

The popular senators, Cirilo Tirado and José Luis Dalmau Santiago also voted against. The senators of the non-progressive majority, the popular senators, Eduardo Bhatia, Aníbal José Torres and Rossana López León, the independentista Juan Dalmau and the independent senator, José Vargas Vidot voted.

For his part, the non-progressive senator Gregorio Matías, Who is a member of the State Police came out in defense of the proposed referendum. “That is an avant-garde measure for our brother public servants. My retired brothers do not care about excuses, what they want is action in favor of each one of them. I ask any other colleague to give an excuse to justify not approving a project that is cutting edge because it is our administration's responsibility to keep those words, "Matías said.

The president of the legislative body, Thomas Rivera Schatz also consumed a turn in favor and said that with the proposal pensioners will have "a guarantee that as of today does not exist, that there is a measure that allows people to claim that the payment of their pensions is at the level that others have in Puerto Rico. "

" What we want is for the pensioner to have protection, "added Rivera Schatz.

Juan Dalmau, who voted in favor with an explanatory vote, said that the measure provides the right to protect pensions without no claw or guarantee because the Federal Supreme Court has already said that Congress and PROMESA are above it.

"It is an electoral opportunism … but not to fall into the trap or the blackmail that they have designed, I will vote in favor, because at the ig As with the right to happiness for Spaniards, the right to pensions is recognized here, "he maintained.

Both measures, concurrent resolution 101 and Senate Bill 1660, come under the scrutiny of the House.

Senate also gave way in today's session to Project 306 that defines the concept of workplace harassment and punishes its practice. The measure was endorsed without amendment, in reconsideration and as it was already approved in the House, it passes for the signature of the governor, Wanda Vázquez Garced.

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