April 16, 2021

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Sports scholarships awarded to students of the public system | government

Two hundred students enrolled in public schools and in the Centers for Sustainable Student Support (CASA) received a sports scholarship, sponsored by the Department of Education (DE) and the Department of Recreation and Sports (DRD), which may be used to cover expenses related to the disciplines that young students practice.

As reported by the Secretary of Education, Eligio Hernández Pérez each scholarship has a value of $ 300 that students can use to pay membership fees, monthly payments in a club, sports association of your choice or for the acquisition of sports equipment or material, according to your need.

The funds of the 100 scholarships offered by the DE were assigned by Law number 170-2002 that empowers the Office for the Promotion of Student Academic Excellence. The DRD awarded the remaining 100 scholarships.

“We know that sport greatly benefits social relationships, develops commitment, increases cooperation for teamwork, and fosters discipline and structure. That is why, in keeping with the priorities of Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced, in Education we provide different incentives and this is one of them. With this scholarship, the children and youth of our schools will be able to continue developing in the sports they practice, "said the Minister of Education.

The scholarship distribution was carried out in a servicarro manner at the DRD facilities in Santurce, all safety and health measures.

As part of the requirements to receive the incentive, students must be enrolled in the DE, be duly enrolled in a DRD-certified sports club and present evidence of financial need, among others . All applications received on or before May 22 of this year were evaluated by Recreation and Sports personnel.

For her part, the DRD secretary, Adriana Sánchez Parés indicated that all recipients of the scholarship must present evidence of the use of the incentive through the receipt of payment of memberships and sports equipment. Additional stressed that "despite the situation we are experiencing, we did not want to fail to recognize the effort of these young people to whom today we give this economic incentive so that they can continue to develop in sport. Our commitment is to help students who excel in a sport so that in the future they can become high-performance athletes and represent our international island.

The Office for the Promotion of Student Excellence, attached to the DE, has disbursed during the 2019-2020 school year more than $ 5.2 million in scholarships and incentives for students.

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