May 13, 2021

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Stable and hot weather returns after the withdrawal of the trough that caused heavy rains

The trough that mainly affected the interior, northwest and west sectors of the island during the past few days finally withdrew to make way for the return of more stable and warmer weather in the local area, reported the National Meteorological Service (SNM) in San Juan.

The meteorologist Gabriel Lojero pointed out, however, that However, episodes of precipitation will be generated in sectors of the interior, west and the metropolitan area of ​​the island due to the combination of local effects in the afternoon..

“Actually, today must already be a normal day. The trough has already moved away from the area and a day with mostly calm weather is expected in the morning, some rains are not ruled out in the east in the morning and in the west and interior, as well as the metropolitan area, in the afternoon in the afternoon. combination of the effects ”, detailed the expert in an interview with The new day.

Although the rains expected today should not be significant, the SNM established in its weather perspective that sectors of the west, northwest and interior of the island are at moderate risk of urban flooding and small streams. Meanwhile, some towns in the metropolitan area will remain at low risk.

Map showing low risk in yellow and moderate risk of urban flooding and small streams in orange. (NOAA / NWS)

Lojero anticipated that during the next few days the weather pattern should continue to be mostly stable, since a mass of dry air arrives by Thursday that will inhibit the development of downpours.

However, Already between Friday and Saturday the remnants of what was once tropical storm René will reach the local area and with them an increase in humidity is expected, according to the meteorological agency.

Meanwhile, an increase in maximum temperatures is also expected for this Tuesday, since, with the decrease in cloud cover, the sun’s rays will be able to penetrate more time on land.

The forecast suggested that highs today will be between the high 80s to low 90s Fahrenheit and heat indices that could be around 100 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, Lojero stressed that maritime conditions will be improving today and the rest of the week because the storm surge from the north, caused by Hurricane Paulette, weakened and the waves will return to normal.

“For today we will have waves that will be between two and five feet for the local waters. However, this will be today and tomorrow because by Friday another storm surge will arrive caused by Hurricane Teddy and that could be more dangerous because in terms of distance Teddy will be closer to Puerto Rico than Paulette was. So it will not cause anything in terms of direct impacts to Puerto Rico that will not be a significant increase in swell.”, The expert pointed out.

Meanwhile, today there is a moderate risk of ocean currents for all the beaches located on the north coast of the island. The rest of the beaches are under low risk of currents.

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