June 13, 2021

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"Stable" number of hospitalizations | government

At a time when the number of infections and deaths from the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to increase, the country's hospital institutions do not reflect a significant increase in the number of patients admitted for this disease for which they have not yet there is a vaccine.

Yesterday there were 99 people hospitalized by the virus, of which eight were confined in the Intensive Care Unit and five were connected to an artificial respirator, according to data published daily by the Department of Health (DS) . In contrast, on Saturday a total of 105 people were reported to be incarcerated by Covid-19 in hospitals, but on Friday the number was around 89.

Until yesterday, the Island's hospitals had 2,867 beds and 856 ventilators available to Adults. However, 3,779 beds and 271 adult fans remained occupied. In contrast, there were 233 adult intensive beds available and 442 occupied; 921 pediatric beds available and 436 occupied; and 49 pediatric intensive care beds available and 32 occupied. Likewise, there were 367 negative pressure rooms available and 163 occupied.

Increase has not been “significant”

“In recent months, the number has risen and fallen, but it has not been significant. In fact, what we had maybe four weeks ago … they were like 120 patients on average and now we are as low as 70 and now we are at 99, so we are more or less on the curve. I would say that unless this rises from the 125 patients there is no indication that this is changing dramatically, "said the president of the Hospital Association, Jaime Plá, to EL VOCERO.

In that sense, he mentioned that the number of patients bedridden by this disease today (yesterday) "is lower than it was a month ago, probably by 20 or 25 patients." However, he explained that a patient diagnosed with Covid-19 may be confined "a little longer than normal" in hospital. "Sometimes it's 10 or 12 days, maybe more days," he added.

Until yesterday there were 7,189 confirmed and probable cases of Covid-19. While the death toll amounted to 153, of which 59 were confirmed and 94 probable. However, this increase in the number of confirmed and probable cases is not reflected in hospitalizations.

Just last week, the president of the College of Surgeons of Puerto Rico, Víctor Ramos, told this newspaper that the censuses in hospitals they have increased, but in patients not infected with Covid-19. "The Covid-19 patient census has remained completely stable," Ramos said, reacting to new projections from the Institute for Health Metrics and Assessment (IHME) at the University of Washington, which estimates that about 286 people they could die in Puerto Rico from Covid-19 until October 1.

For Emilio Colón Zavala, president of the Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC), an organization that performs work related to emergency response from the private sector and non-profit entities. profit, and member of the economic 'task force', the number of 99 patients hospitalized for Covid-19 “is within the parameters.”

In this sense, he explained that at the peak of the pandemic there were a considerable number of patients hospitalized. "That number was decreasing and when the reopening began, that number began to fluctuate between 90 and 110 until approximately two weeks ago that number fell to the low 80's and in recent days has been increasing. By this I mean that we must be vigilant as to how infections and hospitalizations are followed, but it seems to me that we are still below the limits of when we were a month and a half ago, "he said.

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