March 1, 2021

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Standing the tents of Covid-19 in Medical Center | PRESENT

The tents located on the outskirts of the Medical Center to attend to patients suspected of coronavirus, will continue to stand as they resist winds of up to 70 miles per hour, as reported by the executive director of the Administration of Medical Services (ASEM), Jorge E Matta González.

“The tents can withstand gusts of 70 miles per hour and this event is expected to be much less than that. They were all fixed and prepared to be able to pass the event, "Matta González told EL VOCERO.

He added that the area where they are located is not floodable, therefore they are also protected from the rain that is expected to arrive during the early morning hours. .

He explained that these tents have negative pressure, so they are safer for the personnel who treat suspected cases of coronavirus.

"When a suspected Covid-19 patient arrives, instead of directly entering the building Triage is done there because the tents have negative pressure, just like the isolation rooms. If you are not a patient with suspected Covid-19, go directly to the emergency room, "he said. "If we have an excess of patients, which we do not have right now, but if we did, the patient can wait there where we have a bed available. We have used them to test employees or people who have had contact with a positive. ”

The Medical Center, he said, continues to offer all services, including receiving trauma patients, as is frequent during hurricane season and in amidst preparations for a storm.

The public hospital complex has eight patients hospitalized for Covid-19 and one of these is on ventilator. Up to 30 patients with coronaviruses could be hospitalized and, if necessary, he stated that they could open another isolation unit.

Governor Wanda Vázquez visited the Medical Center this morning, specifically the generators area. The Medical Center was without electricity during Hurricane Maria, but according to the official, they now have the generators and the necessary parts to avoid a blackout in hospitals.

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