February 25, 2021

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Start the challenge “Make your community uncomfortable with a Dalmau label” | PRESENT

After a banner with the phrase “Juan Dalmau governor” appeared in front of a residence in the Torrimar area, in Guaynabo, the candidate for governor for the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), Juan Dalmau began the challenge “Incomodate your community with a sign from Dalmau ”.

As reported by the senator on his Facebook account, the idea came from his son Gabriel and consists of looking for a sign with the candidate’s face at the party’s headquarters and placing it in your community.

“It’s really not to bother anyone, we want to send the message. We want to do something positive about Patria Nueva and that in these last three weeks you are the protagonist of what it will be to make history in the Country.

The banners will be available over the weekend.

The candidate urged that when placing his sign, take a photo and the one who most “bothers” in his community, Dalmau will visit his home.

“Let’s see which leather comes more drum,” concluded Dalmau.

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