June 12, 2021

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State Department Announces Digitization of Government Services | government

The Secretary of the Department of State, Raúl Márquez Hernández announced today that, with the approval of the Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service (PRITS), the historic management of transforming the experience of citizens with the Government will begin by digitizing government services through Integrated Virtual Services Centers.

“As part of the public policy drawn up by the governor, we announced the beginning of the implementation of the Virtual Integrated Services Centers in order to add efficiencies and economies to the Government of Puerto Rico after tempering services to the digital world,” said the secretary.

As indicated, upon completion of the project, any citizen will be able to access the Integrated Services Centers through the main portal of the Government of Puerto Rico and carry out their transactions without the need to visit the agencies.

Likewise, the Chief Information Technology Officers of the agencies will work together with PRITS and the Department of State in a repository of interfaces in order to achieve an effective integration between the various information systems, according to the public policy of technology and innovation established in the Law 75-2019.

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