June 25, 2021

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Storm Isaías ends house affected by the January earthquake

Yauco . A house with serious structural damage since the earthquake of January 7 – and which since then remained uninhabited – ended its collapse today, Thursday, due to the rains of the tropical storm Isaías caused the land to give way.

The incident occurred in the La Joya sector of the Barinas neighborhood.

Luis Reyes, director of the Municipal Emergency Management Office, reported that “the back (of the house ) yielded and covered the mouthpiece "of a nearby stream.

At around 1:00 pm, a dozen employees of the city council were working on the removal of debris from the stream to reactivate the flow of water and avoid floods. Also, they were cutting branches from a tree next to the collapsed house.

“This house had already suffered because of the tremors. In the wake of the storm rain, it gave way. We are removing the rubble to protect the community, "Reyes told Primera Hora.

A dozen city council employees worked on the rubble removal.

“The house was completely empty, uninhabitable, so there were no injuries. The owners have already been notified, because they live nearby, "he added.

While the municipal employees worked, neighbors watched with curiosity.

Tree falls on residence

Not far away, in the Limas community, a quenepa fell on the roof of a house.

The owner of the house, who only identified with her last names, Santiago Hernández, said that the tree was struck by lightning at about noon.

“I tried to unhook what I could to at least be able to enter the house. I have three children and had to leave the entrance to the house clear, "said the woman.

 A quenepa tree fell on the roof of a residence in the Las Limas community in Yauco after it was struck by a lightning strike caused by tropical storm Isaías.
Quenepa tree that fell on the roof of a residence in the Las Limas community in Yauco.

He added that, when he fell, the tree knocked down cables from the power line and, therefore, was left without service at home. "They are the cables that bring light to the entire community," he stressed.

In this incident, there were no injuries either.

Emergency Management Brigades attended to the situation.

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