April 10, 2021

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Storm Isaias winds knock down trees and leave thousands in the south without electricity

The tropical storm Isaías left the balance of several fallen trees in the Stately City, obstructing several taxiways and leaving thousands of people without electricity.

However, so far only two people remain housed in one of the four shelters prepared to face the atmospheric event .

According to Ángel Vázquez Torres, director of the Municipal Office for Emergency Management, they are currently working on the removal of a pine tree that fell on a residence in the Punto Oro urbanization.

Another tree that fell on a public road in Ponce.

"We have several places where trees have fallen, obstructing the passage on the road, and we have a pine tree that is also on top of a residence in the Punto Oro urbanization. The residence was not damaged" he detailed. [19659008] “In the Pastillo sector in Tibes a tree fell at 8:00 at night that knocked down the electrical service and affected the transformer. It made its way with emergency management personnel. We have a tree on the edge of Ponce Towne near Banco Popular and in the Salistral area on Ponce Beach two trees fell in the middle of the taxiway and are already being cut and removed, "he assured.

The official stressed that there are quite a few sectors of Ponce without the electric power service since dawn .

Power lines also succumbed to the winds of storm Isaías.

“According to the Electric Power Authority, apparently in the entire southern region there are 48,000 subscribers without electricity service. But so far, we currently have two refugees at the Bernardino Cordero Bernard Vocational School, two 65-year-olds.

Other shelters that are ready to receive citizens as of yesterday at 5:00 p.m. in Ponce are the schools Lila Mayoral which would attend to people with special needs, as well as Ernesto Ramos Antonini and Josefina Boya in Sabanetas.

Vázquez asked the citizens for caution since “we will be experiencing the gusts of wind until noon and periods of heavy to moderate rain until possibly tomorrow. ”

The storm in Juana Díaz

While, several sectors of Juana Díaz remain without the service of electrical energy and others do not have drinking water as a result of the rains and strong winds associated with the Isaías storm.

The mayor Ramón Hernández Torres, highlighted that the Cristina, Manzanilla, Aguilita, Río Cañas, Piedra Aguzá, Guayabal communities are among the affected areas and Cayabo, as well as the urban area, La Fe urbanization and some sections of Santa Rita among others.

“Thank God the situation has not been so difficult, we have been pending There are four refugees, a whole family at the Máximo Donoso Sánchez school. The biggest problem that we have in our city is the electric power service, we have these sectors that do not have water, they are supplied by a well and as a consequence the well needs electrical energy, "said Mayor Juanadino.

" There are two fallen trees that they do not represent danger; one near the Piedra Aguzá lake that belongs to the Electric Power Authority and another near the PR-14 highway in Hacienda Muñoz. In that area we will be working now in the morning, but they do not represent danger, "he insisted.

Without major complications in Villalba

The tropical system has not caused significant changes in Villalba since In the early morning it also experiences intense rains and strong gusts.

Minor landslides have been reported there in various sectors and some trees on the ground; situations that do not represent a danger to citizens.

Mayor Luis Javier Hernández Ortiz, highlighted that "up to now there is passage on the taxiways."

"Much rain, wind, like At 4:00 in the morning the power service went off, it felt like a strong blast and obviously it was raining the whole time. Some small landslides have been reported, trees on the ground, which the Emergency Management brigades have resolved during the night and early in the morning, "he said.

" We only have one refugee at the Vocational High School, "he added. [19659025]

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