April 19, 2021

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Strange object in the sky surprises observers on the Island | PRESENT

A curious object was observed soaring through the skies in various areas of Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and other areas of the Caribbean around 7:25 pm today.

Eddie Irizarry, from the Caribbean Astronomy Society (SAC) confirmed it was the launch of a SpaceX rocket that was launched into space around 7:18 pm. Sunday. The rocket took off from Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA, heading south to achieve a polar orbit and locate Argentina’s SAOCOM satellite in space.

The SAC explained that the satellite needed to be launched towards the South, and because it was getting dark, that is, the Sun was setting in the West, the time and conditions of the launch favored observers in the Caribbean to appreciate this unusual sighting.

“We have reports confirming it was visible from Ponce, Aguadilla and other towns on the island,” said the SAC.

Dozens of videos flooded social networks, in which many speculated about what it could be.

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