May 15, 2021

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Strong earthquake last night has not produced aftershocks | PRESENT

The strong tremor of 4.8 that was registered at midnight, has not produced minor aftershocks as usually happens when this type of movement occurs.

This was confirmed by the director of the Seismic Network, Víctor Huérfano, noting that more than 4,000 reports of people who had felt it, including on the islands of the municipality of Vieques and Culebra.

“Something particular about this event is that once it occurs, no associated or felt aftershocks have occurred,” said the expert in an interview with Noticentro al Amanecer. However, he pointed out that they have reports of 10 micro-seismic events of magnitude 1 to 1.5 that are not perceivable by citizens.

The tremor last night is part of the seismic sequence that started in December, he highlighted.

“There is no way to predict what happens during the day. One of the theories is that the energy deposit is no longer so appreciable, and that would be good news, that there is no more energy reserve, but that is only a hypothesis of work “, maintained.

However, he said that what happens during the day will be evaluated.

This earthquake left damage to structures in the urban area of ​​Ponce and the network will evaluate if it increases the intensity of movement, upon receiving official reports from the Bureau of Emergency Management.

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