June 12, 2021

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Subject who was driving without a tag and without a license collides with a patrol in Hatillo

The Puerto Rico Police reported a slight car accident with an official vehicle today in the early hours of the morning on Highway 130 of Barrio Capaez in the town of Hatillo, which involved a patrol.

As reported by agent Jonathan Hernández Cuevas of the Arecibo Highway Patrols, while he was driving the vehicle from North to South, he went to intervene with a Jeep driver in the middle of the taxiway when approaching with the patrol to carry out the intervention He was hit by the driver of the Jeep with the front left side to the front right side of the patrol.

The driver was identified as Edgardo Rivera Valentín, a 29-year-old resident of the town of Hatillo. He was driving the Jeep without a label, he did not have the license when requested or the registration of the same, he was issued 8 tickets for administrative fault and he was tested for alcohol in his body which showed 074% so he will not be submitted the intoxication before a magistrate.

No one was injured and the damage was not estimated.

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