June 12, 2021

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Supreme Court authorizes the transmission of the judicial proceedings of Pablo Casellas

The Supreme Court today authorized the transmission of all the judicial processes of the new trial of Pablo Casellas for the murder of his wife Carmen Paredes.

“Examined the Motion requesting the use of audiovisual broadcast equipment by the media to the electronic coverage of judicial processes presented by Televicentro of Puerto Rico, LLC, the Motion in compliance with order presented by the Office of the Attorney General and the Brief in compliance with order presented by Mr. Pablo J. Casellas Toro, the transmission is authorized of the stages of the process, except for the removal of the jury ", establishes the resolution.

See resolution

MC-2020-56 by Metro Puerto Rico on Scribd

Recently, Judge Nerisvel Durán postponed the new trial against the former insurance broker, which was scheduled for next July 15, 2020 .

During a status hearing, the judge indicated that on July 15, another status hearing will be held instead of starting the new trial against the accused of having murdered his wife Carmen Paredes, as published by Telemundo Puerto Rico. [19659007] It might interest you:

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