April 14, 2021

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Supreme Court does not accept Miguel Romero’s request in demand of Manuel Natal

Photo: CyberNews

San Juan – The associate judges of the Supreme Court – in majority vote – determined on Wednesday not to accept the request of the mayor of San Juan, Miguel Romero Lugo in the case presented by Manuel Natal Albelo.

Romero Lugo appealed to the Supreme Court after the Court of Appeals reversed the Court of First Instance, which had determined that Natal Albelo did not adequately serve Romero Lugo.

Natal Albelo asked the State Elections Commission (CEE) to carry out a new vote for the vote by mail and early (the so-called Unit 77), under the allegation that there are “illegal votes” awarded in Unit 77 ”.

Judge Anthony Cuevas Ramos dismissed the lawsuit filed, understanding that Natal Albelo did not properly serve Romero Lugo.

The Court of Appeals reversed Cuevas Ramos’ determination and ordered the First Instance forum to hear the case.

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