April 16, 2021

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"Tata" Charbonier backs down and decides to resign

The New Progressive representative, María Milagros Charbonier, finally resigned from the seat by accumulation that she occupies, but created confusion with two letters that she filed today with the Secretary of the House of Representatives.

At 10:35 in the morning, He filed a first letter in which he notified the president of the body, Carlos “Johnny” Méndez, that he was not leaving his seat in the Chamber, that he was disaffiliating from the New Progressive Party (PNP) and was leaving as an independent legislator.

Later, At 11:44 am, he submitted a second letter to the secretariat informing Méndez that he was resigning the seat by accumulation.

Curiously, this second letter is dated yesterday, August 18. While the first letter is dated today.

"In my pondered reflection on recent events, I have decided to present my resignation from the seat that I currently occupy as Representative by Accumulation, effective on September 15," Charbonier said in the letter resignation.

In the letter, the legislator asked for "space" to make a transition in "the Commission of the Juridical, Civil Code, Penal Code and other administrative matters."

The representative, who -together with her husband, her son and an advisor in her office- faces federal accusations of public corruption, she resigned yesterday from the position she held on the PNP board.

Earlier, the legislator assured that she never thought that her political career would end this form. "I would never have thought that I would have ended my political career in this way", said Charbonier in an interview with Noticentro.

"I am convinced that here there is an intention of some person, from what I see as true, with some intention of causing damage and he did, he has already caused it, "he said.

Both Charbonier and her husband Orlando Montes Rivera, their son Orlando Gabriel Montes Charbonier, and an employee of his office, identified as Frances Acevedo Ceballos, appear in a indictment containing federal charges for conspiracy to steal, theft of federal funds, bribery through kickbacks, money laundering, electronic fraud to honest services and obstruction of justice.

The official said that she and her family do not have “Nothing to do” with the accusations

“For me it has been something hard, because I am a mother. Second, because he is a child who has done things correctly all his life and I don't see any reason (…) but this is what we have had to live ", he mentioned.

" I am a woman of faith, my family is always with me, we are praying, we are working spiritually with each one of us, "he said.

Also yesterday, the Speaker of the House," Johnny "Méndez, gave him 48 hours to present his resignation to the legislative body. [19659015]

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