March 1, 2021

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Tenet gets international release in August, US to follow in September

John David Washington stars in the upcoming spy-thriller “Tenet” from director Christopher Nolan.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. is staggering its release of Christopher Nolan’s much anticipated spy-thriller “Tenet.”

The film, which has been delayed a number of times due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, will debut on Aug. 26 internationally before opening in select cities in the U.S. over the Labor Day weekend.

This is an unusual move for such a high-profile feature. Typically, studios look to release big blockbusters all in the same weekend to avoid spoilers or pirated copies entering the space before the film is made available to a large segment of the public.

However, the strategy will allow Warner Bros. and international theaters to ring up some ticket sales. Exhibitors in the U.S. that have opened during the pandemic have been forced to show library titles like “Star Wars” and “Jurassic Park.”

Internationally, some countries have been able to release new local titles to some success. 

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