April 19, 2021

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Teresita Fuentes attributes chaos in primaries to Rosselló's legacy

Teresita Fuentes, Secretary of the Treasury. Photo provided

Ask not to forget the summer of 2019

By Metro Puerto Rico

Teresita Fuentes, Secretary of the Treasury. Photo supplied

The former Secretary of the Treasury, Teresita Fuentes, today attributed the problems presented in the primaries that had to be postponed, to the legacy that Ricardo Rosselló Nevares left in officials.

"What PR is experiencing today is the erratic legacy of a governor expert in self-love, but without knowledge of patriotic love" (sic.), Fuentes wrote on his Twitter account.

He added: "Let them count the votes, and we ask for elections with federal observers, because the leaders that that governor left us hung themselves. Do not forget the summer of '19. ”

Fuentes was Secretary of the Treasury under the administration of Ricardo Rosselló and resigned after warning about alleged "disagreements" with the public policy of the administration of the first executive.

Later, the Fiscal Control Board awarded her a contract as a consultant, which she rejected because she felt threatened.

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