July 30, 2021

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The 100 Most Popular Baby Names of 2020 Revealed | PRESENT

More and more parents are opting for names that begin with the letter A for girls, while the trend is towards short names for boys, according to the BabyCenter en Español survey of the 100 most popular names of Hispanic babies in 2020. which was unveiled today.

Every year the users of BabyCenter® in Spanish, the resource on pregnancy and motherhood, share their favorite names, resulting in a list of more than 100,000 names. The editorial team makes a selection of the 100 most chosen for boys and girls to share with readers.

While Sofia, Isabella and Emma continue to top the list of names for girls, the ones that are gaining the most ground start with the letter A. The following names have risen ten or more places on our list of 100 since 2019: Ariana, Alana, Aurora , Abril, Alejandra, Ana and Amalia

“While the top ten have not changed since last year, we are seeing more and more parents show a preference for the letter A when choosing a name for their girls,” said Crystal Harlan, editorial director of BabyCenter en Español.

Meanwhile, Juana, Maite, Paulina, Guadalupe, Francesca and Violeta are some of the names that fell the most on our list.

“We’ve seen in recent years that the trend among parents is to go for names that start with vowels, rather than consonants,” Harlan said.

A new name for girls that entered the top 100 strongly, making it up to number 71 was Roma. Surely something had to do with the popular film of the same name, which in 2019 won three Oscars and had 10 nominations.

In the list of names for children, Mateo, Santiago and Matías follow the first positions, but the ones that have risen the most in the list are the names of only two syllables, such as Luca, Enzo, León, Simón and Erick. And this year we also see more names from other languages, such as Christopher (who rose 25 places!), Jacob, Jayden and Alessandro.

“We have users who live in the US and other countries where the main language is not Spanish, and in addition, social networks have shortened the distances between countries and cultures, so it is no surprise that parents choose names of other languages ​​”, stated the editor.

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