June 25, 2021

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The 20th tropical storm of the season forms in the Atlantic

The Hurricane season continues at full speed and today the 20th tropical storm, Vicky.

With the new cyclone, a total of five tropical systems are active at this time.

None pose a threat to Puerto Rico.

According to him National Hurricane Center (NHC) the new storm formed about 350 miles west-northwest of the Cape Verde Islands. Vicky has maximum sustained winds of 45 miles per hour and is moving northwest at six miles per hour.

However, the NCH predicted that Vicky will have a short life and by Wednesday it would lose strength and would return to being a tropical depression.

Tropical Storm Sally is heading toward the Gulf of Mexico. / AP

Lit the Atlantic

The hurricane season Qualified as “hyperactive” by experts, it is at its “peak” moment and as anticipated, it continues to produce a large number of tropical systems.

At Gulf of mexico, people were preparing for a new blow of nature before the arrival of the tropical storm Sally. NHC experts expected Sally to become a hurricane on Monday and hit the coast by Tuesday morning, causing hazardous weather conditions such as flood hazard in an area from Morgan City, Louisiana, to Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

On the other hand, Paulette reached hurricane status on Saturday night and was expected to cause storm surge, coastal flooding and windstorms in the Bermuda Islands, according to the NHC.

It was expected that René, which reached a tropical storm, dispersed on Monday. For its part, the tropical depression Twenty of the season gained strength to become the tropical storm Teddy Monday morning, and it was expected to hit a hurricane this week.

In August, the National Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration United States (NOAA) raised its seasonal forecast from 19 to 25 storms, Something out of the ordinary. Seven to 11 of them will become hurricanes and three to six will be force majeure, with winds of at least 178 kilometers per hour (111 miles per hour).

Everything indicates that the list of names for cyclones will not be enough for all systems this season. Only “Wilfred” remains. Once the names are finished, meteorologists will turn to the Greek alphabet to name the next tropical systems.

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