June 13, 2021

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The 5 news of the weekend

1. “To go” lunches continue

The Secretary of Education, Elba Aponte, recalled that, starting today, school canteens will begin to make food for children between 1 and 18 years old. This, after as a result of the pandemic, the agency received in December a dispensation from the Food and Nutrition Services of the federal Department of Agriculture to extend the Summer Food Services Program until June 2021.

2. Former president of the Bar Association dies

Nora Rodríguez Matías, the first woman to hold the presidency of the Puerto Rico Bar Association, passed away on January 7. A native of Jayuya and a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico School of Law, the graduate distinguished herself in “her selfless service to the College” and to “important social causes.” Early in his career, he concentrated efforts on the defense of inmates and participated in federal litigation on confinement conditions in prisons on the island.

3. Create rebuilding council

Governor Pedro Pierluisi announced on Saturday the creation, by means of an executive order, of the Puerto Rico Reconstruction Council, the purpose of which will be to “accelerate the recovery and reconstruction processes of the Island.” As announced, Pierluisi appointed engineer Larry Seilhamer, current Secretary of State, to preside over the Council.

4. Trump condemns Twitter actions

The outgoing US president, Donald Trump, on Friday condemned Twitter’s decision to permanently suspend its account on the social network and said that it is considering creating its own platform to spread its messages without filters. The president used his official account, @POTUS, to make his statements, but the messages were later deleted. Later, the expressions were sent through a statement from the White House. “They will not silence us!” Exclaimed Trump.

5. Plane crashes in Indonesia

The Indonesian rescue teams were able to locate yesterday the remains of the commercial plane of the Sriwajaya airline that fell into the sea on Saturday with 62 people on board a few minutes after taking off from Jakarta, after finding the first human remains and locating a signal from the aircraft. “We have found the point where the (plane) SJ 182 fell …”, said Bagus Puruhito, head of Basarnas.

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