April 10, 2021

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The 5 news of the weekend

1. Caravan at the airport

The caravan carried out by the Socialist Workers Movement to repudiate the arrival of tourists to the Island through the Luis Muñoz Marín airport culminated on Saturday with the arrest of its spokesman, Ricardo Santos Ortiz, and with the imposition from traffic fines of $ 150 to dozens of protesters. These sought to express their discomfort with the tourists who, attracted by the low prices of tickets, arrive on the Island and fail to comply with the measures against COVID-19.

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2. AAA announces end of water rationing

The executive president of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, Doriel Pagán, announced the cancellation of the service interruption plan for the 140 thousand clients who are supplied from the Carraízo reservoir. The determination was made after analyzing the reservoir and after receiving rain and good runoff in its basins during the past days. "There is sufficient supply to supply all AAA clients who use the Carraízo reservoir without the need for an interruption plan," he said.

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3. Self impacts restaurant in Condado

The two women who were injured, one of them seriously, in the accident that occurred on Saturday in a restaurant in Condado were taken to hospitals in the metropolitan area. The 88-year-old driver who caused the accident, in front of the Chili’s in Ashford, was fractured, but is stable.

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4. Gymnasiums sue the Government

The group "Gymnasiums United for Puerto Rico" sued the Government requesting that the nineteenth section of Executive Order 2020-54 be declared unconstitutional. The group made up of gym owners and users made the decision after the governor Wanda Vázquez ordered the closure of their establishments, according to them, without mediating evidence of contagions in them. The group alluded to the fact that the executive order deprives gym owners of their livelihood, within days of investing in protective equipment.

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5. Carmen Yulín is endorsed

(GFR Media)

Carmen “Yulín” Cruz Soto received the endorsement of the Democrat Raúl Grijalva in the primarista race for the candidacy to govern by the Popular Democratic Party (PPD). Grijalva chairs the Natural Resources Commission, the body that has the main jurisdiction over the country's affairs in Congress. The congressman described Cruz Soto as "visionary".

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