April 15, 2021

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The 5 news of the weekend

1. They will investigate complaints

The electoral commissioner of the Popular Democratic Party, Lind Merle Feliciano, anticipated that he will request an investigation from the EEC and other agencies on a complaint that allegedly forced inmates of the Guerrero de Aguadilla prison to vote for the Governor Wanda Vázquez, Mayor Yanitsia Irizarry and Senator Héctor Martínez, even when they were popular. The complaints are contained in an “incident report” signed by the PPD school director, Daniel Rodríguez, and two other officials.

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2. Nurse's death mourned

 Doctors at Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital insisted that the Italian woman be tested for COVID-19 as soon as she arrived at the medical facility. (GFR Media)

Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital mourned the death of one of the nurses on its team. In a written statement, the institution said that it deeply regretted "the departure of one of our fellow nurses because of COVID-19 … We gave everything for our associate, providing her with the service, dedication and passion that she herself always gave. to each of the patients he cared for ", commented Domingo Cruz Vivaldi, executive director of El Ashford.

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3. Yoyo Boing suffers a health mishap


Comedian Luis Antonio Rivera, better known as “Yoyo Boing”, asked to be kept in their prayers, after having suffered a health mishap that keeps him with little mobility in his body. "The truth is that, I cannot speak as before … I do it with great difficulty," said the 90-year-old artist who suffered a heart attack.

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4. The COVID-19 figures continue to increase

Puerto Rico woke up yesterday with a total of 8,934 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 after adding 345 additional infected, while the probable positive cases were placed in 13,187 with 359 more infections in this category, reported the Department of Health. The agency also reported that total deaths from the disease rose to 279 with five additional deaths. Of that amount, three were classified as confirmed and two as probable.

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5. Extends benefits

US President Donald Trump signed several executive orders on Saturday to extend economic relief from COVID-19. The measures include: granting $ 400 a week to the unemployed, suspending payroll payments to Social Security and Medicare until the end of the year for those who earn less than $ 100,000 a year, extending the moratorium on evictions and postponing payments on student loans.

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