August 4, 2021

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The AAA affirms that rationing in Carraízo has been "positive" for water supplies

The director of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) in the metro region, Roberto Martínez, concluded this Saturday that the rationing that began last Thursday for the Carraízo reservoir has been positive when comparing the pattern of its descent before and after the interruption plan.

The engineer explained, in an interview with El Nuevo Día that the reservoir fell from yesterday to today by about eight centimeters in level compared to the range of 10 to 12 centimeters of reduction that it had daily in the past week.

Today we woke up with a level of 36.84 meters, which is eight centimeters less than yesterday. The decline previously was between 10 and 12 centimeters. If you add to this the fact that it is receiving less runoff due to the lack of rain, yes, it is positive, "explained Martínez.

Within the past two weeks, prior to the rationing that began on Thursday, the lowest decrease of the Carraízo reservoir was about seven centimeters, approximately, and the highest 13 centimeters, so that, broadly speaking, the difference in the daily descent of the reservoir does not depart from the pattern it had prior to the interruption plan. [19659003] El Nuevo Día requested AAA statistics to compare the daily descent of the Carraízo reservoir for the past two weeks, but the information was not available for this publication.

Questioned as to whether little or no The difference in today's descent in Carraízo is due to the fact that the subscribers take advantage of the day they have water to store the liquid and thus increase consumption, Martínez replied that he did not.

“What we see in the system is not so í, because we have even lowered the production of water. We are producing 50 to 60 million [en Carraízo] gallons of water daily when, prior to rationing, that number reached 90 million "he indicated.

The public corporation previously recognized that among the factors that affect Carraízo there is the increase in the consumption of the subscribers for being a summer season, the lack of rains and the water that is lost in the leaks.

The last update of the data on the production and distribution of the AAA, which dates from 2017, establishes that the public corporation produced about 507 million gallons per day, but lost 292 million, which is broken down into 42 million commercially and 250 million gallons of water per day, which is physically lost.

In view of this, Martínez assured that from today they began with a plan to attend to leaks, particularly the Carraizo reservoir, in order to address the constant loss of water.

"The purpose is in this area of ​​interruptions is to be more aggressive in the repair of leaks, but days like today that we can have more leaks repaired for days we will do it," he said, explaining that for the Carraízo intakes leaks in the area will be repaired. A when it is zone B that is receiving the water, and vice versa.

Martínez also indicated that they are confident that in the next few days an event of rains will arrive that will alleviate the lack of precipitation in Carraízo.

“We neither want nor expect to be more aggressive. We are hopeful that we can maintain one day yes and another no (24 hour interruptions). However, we keep looking at this day by day to know how much it descends, how much rain it receives and so on. We want to stay as we are "he pointed out.

Carraízo is the only reservoir that is in control level compared to the rest of the 10 reservoirs.

The second in worst condition is the Cidra reservoir, which has 400.97 meters of water that keep it in the operational adjustment phase.

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