April 14, 2021

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The biggest salsa concert in the world is approaching

For the first time the event will be held in Orlando

Orlando – La Kalle Productions, MegaTVO, Zeta 93 FM, SBS Entertainment and La Musica officially announced the first National Zalsa Day in Orlando, Florida, to be celebrated this coming Sunday, April 25, at Central
Florida Fairgrounds.

The event, produced by La Kalle Productions, will present great exponents of salsa from all generations, such as El Gran Combo, Willie Rosario, Jerry Rivera, India, José Alberto “El Canario”, Tony Vega, Viti Ruiz, soneros from the “Duelo del Atardecer” Willito Otero and Kayvan Vega, Michael Stuart, Chamaco Rivera, N’Klave, Isidro Infante and Charlie Cruz.

They will make history by performing their hits before thousands of people in Orlando.

According to the producers of the first National Zalsa Day in Orlando, the doors will open to the public starting at 12 noon and will close at 8:00 at night.

The event venue has over 10,000 parking spaces for the optimal accommodation of attendees.

The animation of the concert will be in charge of the most influential presenters in the salsa genre. Among these, the programming director of Zeta 93 FM, Marcos Rodríguez “El Cacique”, who in turn formed the excellent “lineup” of artists who will make the stage vibrate, Néstor Galán “El Buho Loco” and Luis Antonio “El Hachero ”.

As reported by the production team: “we are very aware of all the regulations imposed by the CDC for mass events and thus be able to combat the global pandemic with COVID-19 while we enjoy the Zalsa. As producers of the concert we have the responsibility of fully complying with
all orders required by the State of Florida, other instructions and security protocols. Given this, we will ensure the mandatory use of masks, temperature measurement at the entry points, accessibility to more than 15 disinfection stations and the practice of physical distancing ”.

Likewise, “El Cacique” indicated that “we are living historical moments in which people are under a panorama of great sadness, loneliness, depression and need to recharge, but within a safe environment that complies with all the indications of the CDC. For this reason, we have managed to bring together great world-renowned artists who will offer on this First National Zalsa Day in Orlando a musical banquet to the delight of the Latino and Hispanic-American community who love Zalsa. “

In addition, he maintained that the careers of great artists such as Ismael Rivera, Willie Rosario, Jerry Rivera, El Gran Combo and N’Klave will be recognized.

On the other hand, due to the success of the last edition of # 37 National Zalsa Day in Puerto Rico, both in the logistics of the concert and in attendance, the concert organizers decided to emulate the same design of including three areas so that the public enjoy the event: VIP, Arena and General Entrance.

In Arena, 4,000 thousand seats will be placed in front of the platform for the enjoyment of all people who prefer comfort, to be seated and with an accessible bar.

Likewise, the producers will include 320 VIP spaces with assigned seats in front of the stage and direct access to the bar, open bar included, and exclusive bathrooms.

The third area will be for the general public. The event will have dozens of kiosks for the enjoyment of the public.

For additional information about the first National Zalsa Day in Orlando and tickets, you must access the portal of ticketera.com.

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