June 25, 2021

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The Carraízo reservoir approaches its level to control after not receiving the predicted rains

The stability of the Carraízo reservoir worsened today, Saturday, since the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) reported a reduction of seven centimeters in its level, contrary to what was expected after the rains of yesterday over the body of water.

Indeed, the meteorologist Ian Colón Pagán of the National Meteorological Service confirmed to El Nuevo Día that the eastern interior area received precipitation during the yesterday, but it was not enough to generate runoff to benefit the reservoir.

"It did rain, but the rains were not significant. Now what will dominate is dry weather due to the presence of dust from the Sahara, so the models do not anticipate rains until next Wednesday, "said the expert.

Carraízo today has 37.46 meters of water, which means that it is only 26 centimeters from entering a control level and, therefore, a plan interrupted n of service.

El Nuevo Día requested an interview with the president of the AAA, Doriel Pagán Crespo, but the press spokeswoman for the agency said that no information will be offered "until there will be an update with the rest of the agencies. "

Earlier this week, Pagán Crespo said that the rains that would fall yesterday, as a result of a tropical wave, were going to be decisive in determining whether or not it was necessary to start rationing in the Carraízo reservoir.

“We are doing everything possible to avoid an impact like this in the Carraízo reservoir. Therefore, weather forecasts for us are very important, because basically we depend on them to materialize in order to update the information, "said the engineer.

According to Pagán Crespo, the public corporation exhausted the resources it had available to avoid a service interruption plan. Among the measures implemented are the transfer of more than 25,000 customers to the Superaqueducto, the activation of grounds, campaigns for the proper use of water through social networks and other operational adjustments.

If a plan for interruption for the Carraízo reservoir, some 180,000 subscribers would be affected between the towns of San Juan, Trujillo Alto, Carolina, Canóvanas and Gurabo.

In more than two weeks, Carraízo has only had one day without lowering the level . That day it increased one centimeter as a result of the rains caused by a trough in high levels of the atmosphere.

However, the National Meteorological Service explained that in order for the reservoir to receive the runoff it needs, a Tropical wave broad enough to generate an accumulation of at least four inches of rain.

In addition, five of the rest of the 10 reservoirs on the island remain at the observation level: Cidra, Patillas, Toa Vaca, Carite and Guajataca.

The AAA reported that the Cidra reservoir today has 401.10 meters of water, which places it 10 centimeters from entering the category of operational adjustments.

Meanwhile, the Patillas reservoir has 61.87 meters, Toca Vaca has 147.59, Carite 541.88 and Guajataca 193.55 meters of water.

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