April 19, 2021

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The Carraízo reservoir continues to decrease

Photo: Onix Navarro – Archive

The Aqueduct and Sewer Authority registered a decrease of 8 centimeters in its quantity of water

By Metro Puerto Rico

Photo: Onix Navarro – Archive

The Carraízo reservoir dawned today, Saturday, with 36.84 meters, a reduction of 8 centimeters, according to the graph of the levels of reservoirs of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA).

Carraízo continues as the reservoir with the least amount of water and the only reservoir in the "Control" level, followed by Cidra, which remains at 400.97 meters.

The latter is at the "Operational Adjustments" level.

Likewise, Cidra is followed by Toa Cow Carite Patillas and Toa Vaca whose reservoirs are at the "Observation" level.

This week, the AAA announced that thousands of clients who are supplementing from the Carraízo reservoir would be affected by the interruption from service. Despite the fact that rains have been recorded, the reservoir continues to decline.

 Update of the reservoirs The Carraízo reservoir continues with the least amount of water compared to the others. / Supplied

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