April 11, 2021

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The Carraízo reservoir remains at the same water level

The reservoir of Carraízo remained at the same water level as yesterday while La Plata, Patillas, Toa Vaca and Carite registered decreases in quantity, according to the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority .

Carraízo remains at 37.56 meters, within the level of "operational adjustments", the only one whose clients experience interruptions in service.

Carraízo, whose clients have experienced interruptions in their service remains at the "control" level. / Supplied

This is followed by Cidra, with 401.08 meters after registering a one centimeter rise. This reservoir is at the "observation" level.

The other bodies of water that reported reductions, except for La Plata, are also at this level.

Río Blanco, Caonillas, Guajataca and Cerrillos remain in the "security" level.

Fajardo is the only one at the "overflow" level.

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