August 1, 2021

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The Chamber gives way to the project that creates an incentive withdrawal window

The House of Representatives approved this afternoon, loudly and without debate, the bill that legislates an incentive retirement window that would benefit over 40,000 workers and that is objected by the Board Fiscal Supervision (JSF) due to its economic impact.

Senate Bill 1616 covers 31,019 workers under Act 1-1990 and 9,465 workers to whom Act 447-1951 applies. With amendments from the Chamber, employees of the Department of the Treasury, the Association of Employees of the Commonwealth, the Office of the Comptroller and the municipalities were included. The project provides that those who avail themselves of the retirement window would receive pensions equivalent to 50% of their highest earned salary in any three-year period.

The employees of the Legislative Branch were also added.

Meanwhile, they will not have Entitled to this program are those participants who hold elective positions unless they have the right to reinstatement to a career position, officers of the Police Bureau belonging to the rank system, or participating employees of other independent retirement systems such as teachers and employees of the Electric Power Authority (AEE) and the University of Puerto Rico (UPR).

With a last minute amendment they did include the employees of the branch Judicial.

With an amendment by the President of the Chamber, Carlos “Johnny” Méndez, the workers who take advantage of the retirement window will have 45 days and not 30 to do their paperwork with the Office. Management and Budget Office.

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