July 28, 2021

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The demographic Registry of Puerto Rico is digitized

SAN JUAN – The Demographic Registry of the Department of Health of the Government of Puerto
Rico emphasizes the importance of social distancing and takes advantage of this moment and the benefits of technology to offer a new service to request your appointment and process the documents you need.

“We are activating all the resources of technology to offer a more agile and efficient service to the people of Puerto Rico. In the same way, we promote a safe environment for employees and visitors, and we guarantee safety protocols such as physical distancing and the use of masks in all available facilities, ”said Wanda Llovet, director of the Demographic Registry.

If you need to do a procedure in this government agency, you just have to connect to RegistroDemograficoCitas.com. Navigating is very easy, because you will be able to see the services for which the appointments are offered: Issuance of Certifications, Marriage Registration, Birth Registration or Marriage License. Once the service has been selected, additional subservices will be presented within each category, the list of documents, costs and stamps required for each transaction and additional information. At the bottom of the page RegistroDemograficoCitas.com you can see the calendar. It is as simple as pressing it to select the location of the office of your convenience, date and time desired according to the availability offered. If you need a stamp or proof of the Department of the Treasury for your process, the same page gives you the option of acquiring them when making your appointment. In this way, you avoid going out to buy the stamps and risk catching COVID-19. If you have any problems, you can return to RegistroDemograficoCitas.com to cancel your appointment by entering your email and the appointment number that was provided in your confirmation.

Another option to acquire the stamps and vouchers you need for your appointment in the Demographic Registry is by downloading the Colecturía Móvil Digital application to your cell phone where you can easily purchase them from your own mobile phone. The cost of the stamps or vouchers is the same as in a Collection Office and also the service does not carry any additional charge. To acquire your stamps, just download the application, register, select Demographic Registration, search for the transaction you need to carry out and pay in the same application. The stamps or vouchers will arrive by email and you can print them, or simply present them on your phone screen as they will be available in the application itself.

“If you prefer to acquire the seal personally, Colecturía Digital has identified over 700 points of sale, including gas stations, pharmacies, cooperatives or banks, among others. The application recognizes your location and shows you a list of nearby options. In the same way, you can visit the Collecting Office of your choice ”, added Llovet.

The Demographic Registry of Puerto Rico, has since its creation in 1931, the main functions of the registration of vital events and data collection, including births, deaths (deaths) and marriages, the issuance of certifications of these facts, custody and maintenance of civil books and the production of vital statistics. Therefore, through its offices you can request Computerized Certifications or Literal Certifications (photocopy of the original certificate) using Internal Revenue Stamps for each copy:

· Issuance of Certifications:

o Death

o Marriage

o Birth

· Marriage registration

· Birth registration

Marriage License

To make your appointment in the Demographic Registry you can visit www.registrodemograficocitas.com

To download Colecturía Digital Móvil or for more information you can visit www.colecturiadigitalmovil.com, Facebook (@colecturiadigital), Instagram (@colecturiadigital), Twitter (@colecturiadigit), access informative videos on YouTube (digital collection) or by calling 787-291-9292.

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