April 11, 2021

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The downpours and thunderstorms will continue this Wednesday for various parts of the island

A prefrontal system that generated rain activity yesterday will promote the same weather conditions this Wednesday, although with greater intensity, according to the National Meteorological Service (SNM)

Meteorologist Lee Ann Inglés Serrano indicated that there is still a lot of humidity, so, when combined with the local effects and the daytime heat, various sectors of the island will see an increase in thunderstorm activity in the afternoon.

“Today we have residual moisture from a prefrontal system that continues to generate downpours in the morning. Today’s pattern is expected to be generalized downpours in the morning and by late afternoon most of the rain is concentrated in the south“Said the expert in an interview with The new day.

English Serrano said that in the morning the downpours could be intense, but the intensity will increase in the afternoon.

“In the morning we can see cloudy skies in sectors of the north and south of the island,” he stressed. “The bad news is that they are not moving fast so they are expected to leave accumulations of water in various sectors of the island.”

The meteorological agency established in its time perspective that most of the island is under low risk of urban flooding and small streams, while the west quadrant has moderate risk.

Map showing low risk in yellow and moderate risk of flooding in orange for this Wednesday, November 25, 2020. (NOAA / NWS)

For tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, Inglés Serrano said that the weather will be more stable and calm with the arrival of a dry air mass.

On the other hand, the meteorologist indicated that the temperatures will be quite pleasant today from the middle 70 to the middle 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

He also said that maritime conditions are calm with waves of up to six feet in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

“It may be that it is chopped in offshore waters, so we ask the operators of small boats to exercise caution,” he said.

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