April 23, 2021

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The downpours return this afternoon due to a trough that remains stationary

He National Meteorological Service (SNM) in San Juan anticipated that a day of downpours and thunderstorms will return this afternoon, caused by a trough in high levels of the atmosphere, which could generate some accumulations of precipitation in sectors of the east-interior, south and southwest of the island .

According to meteorologist Emanuel Rodríguez, the intensity of the showers will depend on the combination of the humidity produced by the trough with the daytime heat that will accumulate during the day.

“Most of the rains will be received by the south and southwest sectors because the wind direction is from the east-northeast, with a small variation from the north. However, in the rest of the island we could see the passage of some isolated showers affecting the metro zone and the east in the morning that would leave wet pavements, but should not cause floods “, detailed the expert in an interview with The new day.

The meteorological agency established in its weather perspective that the sectors where the rains are expected today have a moderate risk of urban flooding and small streams.

In fact, those areas that include towns from Peñuelas to Guayanilla and from Sabana Grande to Cabo Rojo received about two inches of rain yesterday, while in the east-interior it was recorded from one to one and a half inches, so the soils already are saturated.

In addition, the SNM placed under risk of thunderstorms the same areas that carry the highest rain forecast for today. The thunderstorms could be moderate to intense and it is not ruled out that some of them generate gusts of wind.

Map showing the low risk of thunderstorms in yellow for sectors of the east-interior, south and southwest of the island. (NOAA / NWS)

Meanwhile, Rodríguez highlighted that in the rest of the island, such as coastal towns and urban areas, maximum temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit (ºF) and heat indices between 100ºF and 107ºF could be registered.

In addition, he warned that maritime conditions will begin to deteriorate during this afternoon to night due to a storm surge that comes from the north-northeast.

“That storm surge is associated with Tropical Storm Paulette. The event will cause the swell in offshore waters in the Atlantic to reach up to eight feet. Already during the day of tomorrow that storm surge will continue affecting the passages until it affects the north and east coast ”, the expert anticipated.

Given this, The meteorological agency issued a warning for small boat operators and made it clear that the beaches will not be suitable for bathers during the weekend, due to the high risk of sea currents.

Map showing the risk of marine currents for each coast of Puerto Rico.
Map showing the risk of marine currents for each coast of Puerto Rico. (NOAA / NWS)

The new executive order announced by the governor Wanda Vázquez Garced allows citizens to stay on the beach as part of their recreation.

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