May 15, 2021

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The EEC is closed for the second time for four suspected cases of COVID-19

The main building of the State Elections Commission (CEE) will be closed from Thursday to Monday until after, for the second time, four alleged positive cases were reported to COVID-19, confirmed the electoral commissioner of the Puerto Rican Independence Party, Roberto Iván Aponte.

The matter was reported yesterday by the president of the EEC, Juan Ernesto Dávila Rivera, during the meeting held yesterday with the electoral commissioners. Initially, he spoke of a case after undergoing the rapid test to detect the virus, and then at night he spoke to the commissioners of three other possible cases of contagion.

"The (president) indicated that the protocol would be implemented," he said. Aponte.

The building, located in Hato Rey, will be disinfected. This is the second time that the closure of the EEC has been necessary. In May, two positive cases of COVID-19 were registered and it was necessary to disinfect the main building and the Electoral Operations building, also located in Hato Rey. Subsequently, people tested negative after undergoing molecular tests.

"There is no doubt that jobs are still falling behind," Aponte said at a time when the EEC is working with the local primaries and the preparations for the general elections. [19659004] El Nuevo Día learned that the positive cases were registered on Floor 4, 5 and 9. The central building of the CEE remains without an air conditioner since the scourge of Hurricane Maria.

The president of the EEC issued a press release in which he says that he is working with this problem.

“Regarding this matter, an advance of the money was requested from the Department of the Treasury, for the rental of a “Chiller”, since the company that will offer the service requires it. In addition, we are waiting for two “chillers” that the CEE acquired to install them in the administrative headquarters. At all times the Human Resources Office has been monitoring the situation and the president has kept the electoral commissioners informed on this matter, "he indicated.

Concern at the Permanent Registration Boards

But Employees of the three Permanent Registration Boards located in the CEE building said under anonymity that they are afraid of being infected with COVID-19 since they continue to function despite the reported cases.

“We found out from our supervisors. The president said to continue working, that he will not close the meetings because they have an independent entrance, but we as employees entered the building "said an employee who did not want to be identified.

She said that in the parking lot of the Chairs were set up to serve the public in the CEE building.

“More than 200 people are served daily. That's crazy. They are exposing us (to contagion). We have small children, "said the employee.

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