June 12, 2021

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The EEC reopens tomorrow after detecting suspected cases of COVID-19

The State Elections Commission (CEE) reopens tomorrow the agency's main building after closing last Thursday when four possible cases of COVID-19 were detected.

The Permanent Registration Board (JIP), relocated near the building's security office did not close, but it emerged that two employees tested positive for the blood test and are waiting for the molecular test result.

Amid the health crisis that still keeps people in social distancing The electoral calendar is advancing, since next Tuesday the registry of new registered voters closes, reactivation and transfers, facing the primary on August 9.

The electoral commissioner of the New Progressive Party (PNP), María Santiago said for her part , that in his office there was "a false positive" in the serological test, but indicated that the 11 employees threw negative to the molecular tests.

"We are all negative," said Santiago par to add that tomorrow Monday they will deliver the certification of the results to the Human Resources office of the EEC. He indicated that other cases, supposedly positive to rapid tests of COVID-19 in the Planning Office of the EEC, were also negative in the confirmatory test.

Regarding the alleged positives to blood tests at the JIP, he said that he was not aware .

The President of the EEC, Juan E. Dávila, was not available to answer questions today.

The commissioner penetrated indicated that with the closing of the agency so that the building was disinfected, the work in its office, because he said they continued to operate from outside. “We do not allow work to be interrupted. We went to the electoral institute and on Friday some colleagues went to take the tests. We worked remotely yesterday, as usual, outside, "Santiago said.

He explained that after the reopening of the government due to the closure of the pandemic, some 77 of the 81 Permanent Registration Boards are already operating. He added that "only four are missing" to reopen and said that "all have been working through appointments to the number 787-777- 8682, Extension 2362.

He said that July 15 is the deadline to request early voting in the primaries and maintained that on Tuesday, the term expires for the transactions that any voter who has never registered can do, as well as those who have not voted in the last two elections to reactivate their electoral registry and to request a relocation or transfer, if the voter moved from precinct or from a municipality.

Santiago explained that on Tuesday the Permanent Registration Boards will work from 8:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the afternoon, they will attend without appointment and added that they will work on " island concept ", so that citizens can do the process at the JIP where they are closest.

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