April 17, 2021

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The Energy Bureau orders a new reduction in the electricity bill

The Energy Bureau ordered a new reduction in cost per kilowatt hour that adds to the decrease of 4.13 cents that had been implemented for the utility bill of the Electric Power Authority [19659003] (PREPA) since this June.

In a statement, the president of the Bureau, Edison Avilés Deliz, maintained that the reduction of 0.2 cents places the price of a kilowatt hour near 17.21, one of the lowest in recent years.

Comparing the new annual factors of Contribution in Lieu of Tax (CILT), Social Interest Allowance (SUBA-HH), Other Allowances (SUBA-NHH) and Fuel Allowance (FOS) " we can see that the net effect is a reduction of 0.6139 cents per kilowatt hour. ”

The combination of the new annual and quarterly factors represents a saving for the consumer of 0.9761 cents per kilowatt hour, effective July 1, 2020 .

The new resolution The ion issued by the Bureau also orders PREPA, among other things, to present, no later than July 10, a detailed report on electroluminescent-type street lighting luminaires (“LED emitting”). English) or installed renewable (new or in replacement of traditional lighting) during the previous month.

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