May 14, 2021

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The federal Defense Department requests documents to analyze the case of Alexis Joel

The resident commissioner in Washington, Jenniffer González reported that the Department of Defense requested, today, Wednesday, additional information to attend to the request that it make to the federal entity so that forgive the $ 1.7 million debt that Alexis Joel Hernández maintains with the military hospital where he received medical attention after an explosion in the apartment he lived in Mexico left him with severe burns to 71% of his body. [19659002] “ The Department of Defense already answered our communication asking for additional information and specific documentation on medical treatment, and our office has already contacted the patient so that he can provide us with the information and be able to hold a meeting between the federal entity. and the patient ”, announced González, who participated today in the inauguration of the third phase of the works for channeling the La Plata river. [19659003] On Thursday of last week, after Governor Wanda Vázquez offered her State and Situation Message to the country, Alexis Joel published a message on social networks in which she revealed that her insurer refuses to pay the debt of $ 1.7 million that he contracted as part of the medical treatments he received at the hospital institution.

“We are asking the Secretary of Defense to forgive this debt, but this is not the only way. It seems to me here that the insurer has to comply with the insured. The insured does not decide what his treatment will be. The treatment is intended by the doctor who has to save his life, so there are two ways here, the way we are doing at the congressional level … but it is apart from the research that is done with the medical plan, "said González.

After Alexis Joel's expressions, González announced that he had written a letter to Defense Secretary Mark Esper, requesting that he forgive the debt that the young man and his family have with the Brooke Army Medical Center. "As the only representative of Puerto Rico in Congress, in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, I respectfully request that you consider forgiving the expenses caused by this incident," read part of the letter.

Alexis on Monday Joel visited the House of Representatives and yesterday, Tuesday, he went to La Fortaleza where he met with the governor.

Vázquez Garced added that, as a result of the meeting with Alexis Joel, the Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González took the information collected in the exchange to make the necessary arrangements with the First Medical insurer. " Alexis's case is more than significant to the proposal that we made that we have to work on a project that benefits the patient ," he said.

In previous written expressions, First Medical spokeswoman, Mayra Rivera Feliciano, indicated that the company will not express itself on the situation following its policies of not disclosing related information to its subscribers.

“First Medical is a health services organization with a 43-year track record in the health industry , characterized by its commitment to serve the Puerto Rican people with the highest quality through the network of suppliers, both to the public and private sectors. Always following the regulations required for the provision of health services, complying with the stipulated standards. In compliance with our policy on non-disclosure of information related to our subscribers and beneficiaries and in compliance with the protection of their privacy, we will not make expressions on this matter, "Rivera Feliciano stressed.

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