June 13, 2021

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The fight for labels continues | government

Currently, among banks, cooperatives, collectives and inspection centers there are 1,084,000 labels available on the island for the years 2021 and 2022, according to the designated secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP), Eileen Vélez Vega.

However, owners of the inspection centers at the island level, deny the statements claiming to have been selling 2021 tags for months at a drop, without any inventory at present.

According to the executive, there are 124,000 2021 labels available, and 960,000 2022 labels. She clarified that all those drivers whose labels expire as of this month of January, the 2022 label corresponds to them, which are available in the places before mentioned. In the case of 2021 tags, he clarified that availability is lower, since they respond to drivers whose tags must have expired by December 31, 2020.

He accepted that they have registered problems with the tags in the inspection centers due to the strong demand generated. However, he assured that they have increased from 200 to 400 the amount of labels allowed for sale in inspection centers. Likewise, they extended the date of sale of the 2021 tags in the inspection centers until January 31, 2021. As of that date, drivers will only be able to acquire them in Cescos.

Immediately, he emphasized having delivered 2,900 labels to Cescos de Ponce, Humacao, Guayama, Carolina, Bayamón and Caguas, which the owners of the inspection centers can pick up from today to sell to their customers. “Banks have labels also available, as do cooperatives and collectives. Where they have been exhausted has been in the inspection centers, as a result of the strong demand, since there were several periods where the other points of sale were closed ”.

The inspection centers claim

Inspection centers in municipalities such as Carolina, San Sebastián, Mayagüez and Aguadilla ensure that there is no inventory of tags anywhere, which keeps drivers very concerned. Carlos Crespo, president of the Gasoline Committee and Inspection Centers of the United Retailers Center (CUD), emphasized that, in his personal case, which is one of the largest sales of labels, in the past two weeks they have only delivered 38 Tags and they told him that they had those for 2022 available, but that they would notify him when they had those for 2021. “There are no 2021 tags and I don’t understand why they don’t tell the truth, if they exist, because they aren’t given to us. Every day I call Bayamón and they tell me the same thing, that there are no labels ”.

Other merchants have the same experience, who say that there are banks that have to be customers to sell you 2021 labels.

Miguel Rivera, owner of an inspection center in Río Piedras, assured that since November he has been facing problems with tags. He emphasized that in Cescos there are even signs that indicate that they do not ask for the 2021 labels. have a label, an amount that amounts to $ 800 and our businesses are disappearing, since they live from the sale of the label, because with a $ 9 profit from an inspection no business can survive ”.

According to Rivera, he was selling between 50 to 75 labels daily, a business that today is non-existent because there are no 2021 labels available anywhere.

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