November 23, 2020

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The first rabbit meat processor opens in Puerto Rico

The first producer of rabbit meat in Puerto Rico will open in Maunabo after the investment of $ 130 thousand through the Investment Program of the Agriculture department, announced today the secretary of the agency Carlos Flores Ortega.

The owner of “Conejera Rabitos”, Oscar Torres, thanked the support, the necessary help and having believed both in him and his wife, Ivelisse, in the course of executing your plan for the creation of the processor.

“We are proud that this great project is already a reality so that our people can enjoy it and consume the highest quality rabbit meat and in this way continue to promote the agricultural and economic development of our town. Today I can say; we dreamed it, we started it and we achieved it “, said the businessman in written statements to the press.

For his part, Flores Ortega mentioned that this new market would promote a space for rabbit farmers to apply better agricultural and manufacturing practices aimed at developing marketing strategies.

“In the same way, guarantee that citizens find another meat alternative with high nutritional content. The rabbit sector was abandoned for many yearsHowever, the Department was able to bring together several rabbit farmers and organize the industry to stimulate their economic development and marketing of their products, ”said the Secretary of Agriculture.

According to the press release, the agency assures that it reactivated the rabbit sector in September last year with the aim of promoting a transition from traditional farmers to advanced agricultural entrepreneurs, giving them the space for the growth of the sector.

“In Puerto Rico we have had the production, but it was never in a structured or organized way. It has been a solid effort that has been achieved in order to develop growth strategies with a view to commercialization. We have to support, create and encourage projects like this, give it seriousness and commercial opportunity “added the official.

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