July 28, 2021

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The gender perspective will impact all school subjects | Agencies

The “curriculum” with a gender perspective ordered by Governor Pedro Pierluisi will be extended to all educational subjects taught in the country’s schools, instead of being limited to just one course.

The Committee for the Prevention, Support, Rescue and Education of Gender Violence (Committee PARE) He is in charge of the initiative that would start from the new school semester in August.

Carmen Ana González Magaz, president of the PARE Committee and secretary of the Department of the Family, declared that “it would be beginning to be implemented when the classes begin —be it face-to-face, hybrid or both—, but the reality is that, what is the perspective of gender, is something that does not necessarily have to be a curriculum or a class. It is the way of socialization, it is integration and implantation and in all ways of learning ”.

The executive director of Proyecto Matria, Amárilis Pagán Jiménez, explained that the gender perspective does not refer to issues of sexuality or is related to the Lgbtqia + community, but rather that it aims to teach children that gender does not limit their capacities nor should they dictate your interests.

“There is not going to be a class on gender perspective. What is supposed to happen is that the way all subjects are taught is that they take into account the contributions of women and how stereotypical gender roles limit girls. Let it be known that our boys and girls can be astronauts, plumbers and doctors, regardless of their gender and that this is integrated in a more natural way ”, outlined Pagán Jiménez, who is part of the PARE Committee.

One of the challenges facing the committee is the absence of the secretary on property of the Department of Education. Since April 23, Eliezer Ramos Parés has served as the agency’s secretary on an interim basis, since the Senate rejected the two candidates submitted by the governor to occupy the position, Elba Aponte Santos and Magaly Rivera Rivera.

González Magaz assured that the gender perspective is one of the topics on the busy work agenda of the PARE Committee, which is pending a second public hearing on June 25 to receive input from non-profit organizations, other institutions and survivors of gender violence. The meeting will be at the Vega Alta Convention Center.

Deep review

The PARE Committee’s work does not stop at the gender perspective. In the remainder of June, the approval of three new government protocols and the task of standardizing the data collected in the public sector on violence against women are expected.

The protocols that are in the process of final review are: the interagency management of situations of gender violence, electronic supervision (shackles) from the agencies and the process to follow for the management of the violent death of women.

The committee created a graph or flow chart to establish the chain of responsibility when dealing with cases of gender violence in agencies such as Housing, Health and others, in addition to the security component.

“We could not do that in a hurry, because we were doing a job that had a life beyond and that its fulfillment was implemented. The current protocols had to be evaluated, reviewed and those that did not work discarded. That, for me, is one of the most important things, together with the flowchart, ”said Pagán Jiménez.

The PARE Committee was created in January and is made up of 12 subcommittees that address areas of public policy, legislation, security, housing and education, among others. These groups meet once a week and then present their findings at the monthly plenary meeting, from which the public report is produced.

The May report states that the Statistics Institute is putting the finishing touches on a new portal with updated data on gender-based violence in Puerto Rico and the United States. He also talks about drafting legislation for rape victims to keep alive the process of analyzing the ‘safe kits’, which are used to detect evidence of sexual assault.

“It has not been slow. The reality is that for everything to be good, effective, agile and for all real needs to be met —not superficial and not general, but individual and particular— things must also be done calmly and with great care “, stressed González Magaz.

As part of the work agenda, the PARE Committee has evaluated the Pink Alert, created to report cases of disappearance and kidnapping of women in 2019, but which was activated for the first time this year after the disappearance of Keishla Marlen Rodríguez Ortiz , on April 30, and who was later found dead.

The second time it was activated was to report the kidnapping of municipal legislator Ana Esther Ponce Rosa, on June 9.

In González Magaz’s opinion, the alert has been effective.

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