November 29, 2020

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The government distributed $ 108.9 million to Puerto Rico's private hospitals

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced announced today, Thursday, the distribution of $ 108.9 million among the 51 private hospitals on the island as part of the Strategic Disbursement Plan of the Cares law .

“This millionaire distribution of funds, which began during the first week of June 2020, represents an important advance in the response to the emergency caused by COVID-19 . Our administration will continue to work hard to continue disbursing the remaining funds directed to the hospital sector so that they continue to protect the public health and life of our people, "said the first executive.

The first hospital institution to receive the allocation was the group of hospitals of the Turabo Medical Center system, today known as the HIMA San Pablo hospitals (Caguas, Cupey, Fajardo, Bayamón and Humacao), whose disbursement was around $ 18.8 million for the group of hospitals.

The governor, who prior to the announcement, he visited the HIMA facilities in Caguas today together with several officials, informed that his administration will continue the process of authorization and disbursement of the remaining funds so that private hospitals maintain their operations optimally and safely.

During his After the tour, the first executive also went to the Aibonito Mennonite Hospital, which was assigned $ 2.1 million of the $ 14.7 million that was assigned to the Mennonite hospital system (Aibonito, Cayey, Caguas, Guayama, and Humacao).

The Assistance Program for Private Hospitals has an allocation of $ 150 million to provide assistance for emergency (grants or short-term loans) to private hospitals for expenses related to the emergency caused by COVID-19.

The president and CEO of the HIMA Group – San Pablo, Armando J. Rodríguez, indicated that the aid It came at key moments for our hospitals. "We will continue working hard to continue offering the hospital services of excellence that characterize us as citizens," he said.

Meanwhile, the executive director of the Mennonite Health System, Ricardo Hernández Rivera, said that thanks to aid, "our system of Health remains stable, and always ready to meet the needs of our community. It is also important for us to emphasize the importance of people taking treatments for their health conditions. Rest assured that our hospitals have strict protocols to reinforce the safety of employees, faculty, and patients. ”

So far, the Government of Puerto Rico has disbursed over $ 556 million in federal funds through Cares Act.

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