August 5, 2021

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The governor appears to backtrack on the idea of ​​requiring COVID-19 tests to passengers

The governor Wanda Vázquez Garced seemed to give a reversal today, Wednesday, about her position of requiring that people who arrive on the island present a molecular test with a negative result at COVID -19 or to undergo a test at the airport, before allowing them to enter the country.

Although that was the position that Vázquez Garced assumed when announcing, on Tuesday, that it would include said provision in the new order executive who is about to sign, the president clarified today that her expressions yesterday were an "opinion" and that the possible implementation of the mechanism will be discussed with members of the medical and economic team .

" I have not changed my mind. My opinion is the same. You asked me yesterday what my opinion was and obviously my request would be for the person to be tested before coming to the island of course I will wait for the resolution and the recommendations made by task force medical and the economic task force but my request is that these people before coming to Puerto Rico can have a negative COVID test ”, he expressed today in conference Release

Not specific, however, whether the new executive order will be announced tomorrow, Friday, or over the weekend. "We are going to work on it … the order expires next week," he said. Executive Order 2020-044, which entered into force on June 16, will expire next Tuesday, June 30.

“We are going to make sure that the person who comes to Puerto Rico may provide, perhaps, a negative molecular result, or otherwise, once it enters Puerto Rico, it must know that it must be tested, or it cannot be freely available (in the community), if it is not do the test, "the governor had said on Tuesday.

Yes, she acknowledged, that the" ideal "would be for each person who wants to enter the country to present a molecular test with a negative result. "If that is the final determination, we will announce it soon. I am waiting for the recommendations, both from the medical and economic sectors, so the most important thing for me will be those measures where we can protect our citizens, "said the first executive.

Currently, the National Guard de Puerto Rico operates a screening station at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport that offers free serological and molecular tests, but its use by travelers is voluntary. [19659006] For his part, when approached about reports that several hospitals are dismantling specialized units to serve patients with COVID-19 due to the deregulations included in the executive orders, Vázquez warned that -if the information is true- it should not be the come from medical institutions.

“Hospitals cannot, because there is no direction in this sense, dismantle in any way the ctions they have for COVID, "he noted.

Vázquez Garced highlighted that every morning he receives a report from hospitals on the percentage of people hospitalized for the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, how many of those patients are in intensive care units (ICU) and the use of ventilators. "Those units are fully operational," he assured.

"COVID-19 has not passed. We are still in an emergency. We have seen how there have been second waves of outbreaks in the United States and other countries. In Puerto Rico, although it is true that we have kept it under control, we cannot lower our guard. Whatever the case, protection and security measures continue and are required, "added the president.

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