May 15, 2021

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The governor is furious when answering about the referral leak | government

CEIBA – Governor Wanda Vázquez was upset when the press questioned her today if she had anything to do with the leaking of the Justice Department referral to the Office of the Panel of the Independent Special Prosecutor (PFEI). [19659002] "Do I really have to answer that?" He said. "Do I really have to answer that if I gave instructions? Do you really think I should answer a question like that which is to some extent disrespectful? It is disrespectful to say that I instructed someone to filter that report. I had absolutely nothing to do with anyone who has leaked. Here is my cell phone to see if there is an instruction or any text. ”

He said that she“ authorizes ”the media to reveal who gave him the report. Journalistic ethics dictates not to disclose the names of the sources.

After the report was made public, the governor's lawyers are arguing that this leak nullifies the investigation against him. The indication is that the governor supposedly intervened so that aid to the victims of the earthquakes was given under a partisan political prism.

“It is very easy to make accusations against the officials, but I have been a woman and of law and order lifetime. Let the media say if that report was given to me by someone and we are going against that person who violated the law, "said Vázquez.

The governor made the remarks as part of a press conference called on the grounds of the former Roosevelt naval base. Roads in Ceiba. There, it was announced that a tourist project will be inaugurated in two years.

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