June 18, 2021

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The governor orders Education to withdraw the regulation of Montessori schools

The governor Wanda Vázquez Garced ordered the Secretary of Education, Eligio Hernández Pérez to withdraw the regulation that would govern the operation of Montessori public schools a document that school communities that have adopted this educational philosophy have rejected for months.

The opposition to the Regulation of the Auxiliary Secretariat for Montessori Education (SAEM) also had been joined by majority and minority legislators , as well as the head of SAEM, Rosa Recondo.

“I have instructed the (Secretary of Education) to immediately void the regulations of the Montesorri schools. Our administration supports this innovative initiative; so I will always promote dialogue and consensus to achieve a new one in this model of excellence, "said Vázquez Garced through a message posted on social networks.

The regulation for Montessori public schools was ordered by Law 277 of 2018, which was created by legislation the Auxiliary Secretary of Montessori Education (SAEM) that, originally, was born by circular letter. Fathers and mothers and heads of Montessori schools have denounced that the regulation made by the Head of Education detracts from SAEM's autonomy since it places it as a program under the Under-Secretariat for Academic Affairs and not an auxiliary secretariat.

According to the Fathers and mothers, the document produced by the agency would put at risk the multigrade organization of Montessori classrooms – known as environments -, would modify the extraordinary processes of recruitment of specialized personnel and discourage learning guided by the curiosity and interests of the student to force them to enforce curriculum-driven teaching.

For weeks, the Secretary of Education had defended the document. Hernández Pérez pointed out on several occasions that, according to an analysis by the Office of Legal Affairs of Education, the document complied with Law 277.

The governor's directive was issued days after a group of mothers and students from Montessori schools will approach her in the municipality of Aibonito to request her intervention in the controversy.

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