March 5, 2021

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The heat will dominate this Thursday with indices above 102 degrees Fahrenheit

The National Weather Service (SNM) forecast hot conditions for Thursday with heat rates that could exceed 102 degrees Fahrenheit (ºF) in coastal and urban areas around the island.

Conditions are opposite to what was expected for today, since the passage of a tropical wave that had the ability to leave rain was initially anticipated. However, meteorologist Ian Colón Pagán, who works at the SNM, explained that the change is due to the fact that the strongest part of this disturbance remained on Caribbean waters.

“That tropical wave did pass over us, but the we receive rains at night. And it’s gone. There were some thunderstorms in various municipalities during the night and they did not last long. Already that wave is even in the area of ​​the Dominican Republic, “said the expert.

” Now what is entering is a drier mass of air that will cause hot conditions and you can register heat indices that exceed the 102 degrees “, he addressed.

He indicated that the high heat rates anticipated for today will be a product of the combination of the remaining humidity in the local area with the wind blowing from the east-southeast.

In general, most of the island You should experience maximum temperatures in the low 90ºF. The normal for a day like today is a maximum temperature of 89ºF and the record is 93ºF that dates back to 1995.

Colón Pagán anticipated that dry and hot conditions will dominate the weather for the next few days.

“In fact, we do not see anything intense in terms of rains, at least until next Monday,” he warned.

However, he said that the development of downpours in the afternoon hours is not ruled out. for the western area and the metropolitan area, as part of the combination of local effects.

Likewise, he reported that with the entry of this dry air mass comes a new episode of dust from the Sahara, although it will not be Just as intense as those that hit the island last week.

Meanwhile, maritime conditions remain relatively variable with swells between three to five feet in most waters.

“Already by this evening we expect that that surge increase to six feet for Atlantic waters , so we ask small boat operators to exercise caution, “said Colón Pagán.

The meteorological agency warned that a moderate risk of marine currents remains for the beaches of the north of the island and sectors of the eastern part of the islands municipality.

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